Tuesday, February 28, 2017


my garden begins with the old~fashioned LILACS & PEONIES

LILACS, bloom in the early spring, in rural Wisconsin & the beaute, has your eyes drawn to the purple 
blossoms..all of your senses are being filled with the purple loveliness ..& this is the beginnings, of our Springtime. ~saying goodbye to our, long cold winter.
~now in the heartland,  you have the wide open fields, ..& is also, the home, to a single flowering fragrant,  lilac bush  ..& standing like a monument from our past.
~traditional during our grandmother’s or mother’s time.
 ~all farmhouses had lilac bushes, planted near the entryways, or driveways, of the old farmhouse & farms, & barns ..& when the lilacs would bloom, and usually, for only three weeks.  
~the old farmhouse would fill, with the lovely sweet purple fragrance. 
 ..& with the longevity of the species, the lilac would often outlive the farmhouse, & the farm, & leaving the plant, to look out of place, in all the countrysides, of our heartland..


~PEONIES has a thick, & are a ruffled bloom, soft & fragrant. they have the ability, to return every Springtime, of 100 years or longer. PEONIES has magical qualities for the gardener..& memories of loveliness.
~ the iconic flower has a brief growing season, in rural Wisconsin. The big, pastel flower, grows in large bushes, and has beautiful large bouquets, the smell of happiness, a pretty floral scent. ~the flowers are, up~lifting, for everyone. You see them around every farmhouse, in the heartland, & in the vegetable gardens, planted in rows, or next to walkways, or near the barn, or clothes line.

~Peonies blooms, are in April & through the months of May & June. Blooms typically last for a week to 10 days. ~to fill a yard, your garden..or any garden market. .bouquets..of happiness.

~a garden journal begins : 
let's plan & design & create

 ~ learn & grow .. recording temperatures & rainfall, saving seed packets, & sketching your garden spot, I loove water colours,  to paint with. ..& to Create different journals, ..& maybe a day dairy,
 "simply, is la garden"
~will help you track your success, & challenges
~flower gardens, market gardens, wildlife, prairies, wild flowers,  flowering. ..& vegetable gardens.